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sexta-feira, 2 de julho de 2010

Homenagem a Ségio Borges - Festival RTP 1970 - Onde Vais Rio Que Eu Canto

Hotelaria Madeira - Proveitos Totais - Custos Pessoal - RevPar - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 5 * - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 4 * - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 3 * - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 2 * - França - 1976 - 2009

"Os Magos" (Expresso)

J K Rowling - Histórias de Vida (Expresso)

quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

The state of play - Spotlight on 2010 hotel performance - Deloitte

"A snapshot of Q1 2010 hotel performance, including occupancy, average daily rates (ADR) and revenue per available room (revPAR) rankings of key global cities. The booklet also provides global hotel supply pipeline data in selected cities."

Hospitality 2015 - Deloitte

"Following the success of Hospitality 2010, published almost five years ago and the feedback we received from you, we wanted to see if our predictions were accurate, and explore once again those trends which we believe will shape the hotel industry in the future. Once again Deloitte dedicated a team of professionals who have spent the past year creating a vision supported by research, analysis and structured interviews with industry leaders.
We are pleased to report that our predictions back in 2010 were on point. The value of brand to the consumer, the growth of emerging markets, the importance of consumer-facing technology and the sourcing, development and retention of human capital have led to success and differentiation in the marketplace.
As we look to 2015, we have extended our focus to sustainability, exogenous events and cycles, and have reached out to our industry experts in the sectors’ which make up the wider travel experience to ensure that we do not lose sight of the impact on our industry from those sectors’ success or failure.
The combination of global economic uncertainty and the resultant impact on the consumer means that, as an industry, action is needed to respond to the new world order. More than ever before, the consumer will be value-conscious irrespective of segment. 
Simply put, the opportunity is to be a game changer or a spectator. Which will you be?"

"Banks borrow less than feared from ECB"

"European Central Bank hopes of a smooth return of €442bn of emergency loans it made to banks a year ago have been boosted after demand for three-month liquidity offered as an alternative fell far short of expectations.
Just €131.9bn in three-month liquidity was taken by 171 banks, the ECB reported on Wednesday. Analysts had feared that banks would demand €250bn or more."

Financial Times, 30 Junho 2010 

Phil Collins "Against All Odds" Live Aid 1985

Movimentos Aeroportos Canárias - País - 2004 - 2008

Dormidas - Hotéis - Total - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 5* - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 4 * - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 3* - França - 1976 - 2009

Dormidas - Hotéis 2* - França - 1976 - 2009